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Runs are held Monday evenings at 7:00 PM.

8:00-9:00 min pace for runs of 4-8 miles.

All start at various Hudson River Piers and Central Park entrances.

Guided stretching session before and after each run.

On the first Monday of every month we end our run at a cafe. I plan topics to discuss and guide deeper conversations.

Looking for more information?

Im coming to you as a Personal Trainer, a runner, a friend,

a person who just wants a safe support group. 

A Girls Only Run Club has arrived and is here to stay.

Hot Girls Run Club: My women's-only run club provides an inclusive and supportive space for New York City women to connect. Aside from our weekly runs, we’ll partake in a yoga flow and monthly coffee discussions, where we’ll explore subjects like mental health, trauma, anxiety, and all the dirty stuff we’re dying to discuss.