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A Little Bit About Me

My name is Katie and I’m a New York City trainer and WBFF Bikini Pro. Moving to the world’s fastest-paced city reaffirmed why fitness is so important to me. I grew up playing competitive sports, which taught me diet and exercise fundamentals, but my outlook on fitness didn’t revolve around the healthy habits that I implement today. I fell in love with fitness when I learned to view it as wellness.

I integrate my NASM (Personal Trainer), AFFA (Science of Aerobic Exercise), Exercise Etc (Athletic Bodies in Balance) certifications into holistic plans which I tailor to my clients’ respective needs. At my core, I am an educator. Although I provide the regimens, I instill the tools that’ll permit my clients to succeed on their own. I want you to feel confident training alone, understand how to stretch your body afterwards, and enjoy cooking a deliciously nutritious meal. 

Authenticity is one of my core values. When a client invests in my services, my job is to maximize their results. My honesty juxtaposes our culture’s “you’re perfect the way you are” approach.” Sugarcoating won’t lead you closer to your goals, and I’m here to facilitate your growth, not stifle it. You’re a lot more capable than you think. I see my clients’ potential the day we begin working together, and my ultimate goal is for them to see it, too.

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